Complete PV Inverter Solutions to Meet the Needs of Different PV Power Plant Installations

Sungrow offers comprehensive string and central inverter choices for different types of PV power plants, including residential & industrial rooftops, floating solar PV systems and large-scale ground-mount solar PV systems.


Sungrow string inverters are integrated with 1~4 MPPT (Maximin Power Point Tracking), which are flexible configured according to the needs of different PV power plants. The inverters can also be applied to PV installation on various complex terrains, eliminating the power loss due to abnormal power generation and maintaining optimal power generation.

Provide 98.5%~99% ultra-high efficiency, which can increase power generation revenue.

Advanced PID Detection Technology

PV power plants located in a humid and high-temperature environment are prone to PID phenomenon, resulting in 50% loss of power generation. Sungrow inverters support PID detection technology, which not only can control the PV-end but also suppress the PID effect, as well as repair solar modules with power generation attenuation.

C5 Anti-Corrosion Level for Salt Spray Environment.

Taiwan is an island surrounded by ocean, so most of the large-scale ground-mount solar PV systems are installed in coastal salt spray environments. Therefore, the equipment is susceptible to corrosion. However, the casings of Sungrow's central inverters are C5 anti-corrosion level certified, which can prevent corrosion and increase equipment durability.

Sungrow inverters can support large voltage and current input range that can oversize up to 130%~140%, which can increase the capacity of an PV power plant, reduce the number of inverters and installation costs, and further increase higher design flexibility.