PV Combiner Box

To decrease the connection wire between PV components and inverters to improve the reliability, installation easiness and O&M in the large-scale PV power station, a DC combiner box is required.

Efficient and Safe

  • Indepentent patent technology
  • PV dedicated DC fuses,both positive and negative
  • PV dedicated high-voltage SPD Fuse boxes with spacer and special Bus part with protection
  • String current and voltage abnormal alarm
  • SPD failure alarm


  • IP65 protection class,meet the need of outlook installation and usage
  • Self-powered power supply with SPD protection
  • Standard output terminal for copper core cable 70 mm2 ( MAX. 95 mm2 )
  • MC4 output terminal ( requires optional accessory )


  • CGC certified
Parameters PVS - 16M
Max. PV string voltage 1000 V
Max. PV string parallel inputs 16
Rated fuse current for each string (replaceable) 15 A
Input terminal type 4 – 6 mm²
Output terminal type 70 mm²
Protection class IP65
Environment temperature -25 ℃ to 60 ℃
Environment humidity 0 – 95 %
Dimensions (W*H*D) 720*570*174 mm
Weight 31 kg
Standard Accessories
DC circuit breaker Yes
PV dedicated SPD Yes (In: 20 kA / Imax: 40 kA)
PV Self-Powered Yes
Current and voltage monitoring for each string Yes
SPD failure monitoring Yes

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